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Why Is My Engine Idling Rough?

January 21 2017,

Why Is My Engine Idling Rough?

One thing to keep in mind is that rough idling is not the problem - it is a symptom to an engine issue that has yet to be diagnosed. Your engine could be idling roughly due to a number of different reasons. One reason for a rough idle is it could be time to clean out the fuel injectors or it could be time to change out the spark plugs.

Other reasons for the rough idling include:

  • Exhaust problems.
  • Holes in the air intake valve.
  • A general loss of power in the car.
  • It may also occur in the winter months when cars have a more difficult time starting and may shake when the engine is turned over.

In order to prevent this problem from happening, you want to regularly schedule tune-ups for your vehicle. During a tune-up the mechanic reviews a number of areas within the engine to make sure that everything is working properly. If your vehicle has already begun to experience this issue it is recommended that you run a diagnostic check to pin point the exact cause of the rough idle. It is recommended that you bring your car to a trusted mechanic to review and diagnosis the problem. You can also go to an auto parts store and use a code reading device that they have available and proceed from there with repairs. A rough idle should be addressed right away; as the longer this symptom occurs the more damage could be done to your vehicle, which will ultimately be more expensive to repair.

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